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Seattle Passive House – A breath of fresh air…

Now that I am back from my West Coast Passive House tour (read about it on The Small Planet Workshop blog) I am catching up with local projects.  I visited Dan’s project and saw that some more concrete has been poured, landscaping started, and work continues on the inside.

The Ultimate Air Recouperator has been set in place only to find the place has changed.  In the original configuration there was not going to be a door through the mechanical room into the workshop.  Site changes allowed that penetration in the PHPP which is a very nice feature… if the door will clear the mechanical equipment when it is installed in its intended location.  Fortunately Dan has one of those magical contractor shoehorns – the kind that let you fit something big in a very small space.  He has figured out a new arrangement and it will all soon be in place.

The plan now is to work outside while the weather is good (it’s turned cool and crisp here – my favorite time of year!) and work on the apartment area when the weather is not so good.  It’s coming along very nicely.

In all of Dan’s spare time (when he is not wasting those 4 hours and 23 minutes a day sleeping!) he is also preparing to speak at the Eco Building Guild 13th Annual Green Design & Construction Symposium Oct 22-24th, and at the North American Passive House convention in Portland Nov 5-7th.  If you have a chance to attend either of these events it will be well worth it.

Dan replied in the comments about yet ANOTHER event he is speaking at and I wanted to add it to the main page so no one would miss it:  “There’s even another presentation on the nearby horizon: the Central Puget Sound chapter of the NW Ecobuilding Guild’s October 27th education event. 7PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, free for Guild members, $5 donation for everyone else. That one’s all about this house. I promise – no THERM tutorials. Cheers – Dan”


Passive House – The National Passive House Conference is practically in my backyard!!!

O.K., backyard is such a relative term here in the US.  The national PH conference in Portland is just about a 3 hour drive from here.  I signed up right away because I wanted the chance to get into one of the additional workshops and take advantage of the room package pricing that PHIUS has arranged for attendees.  What better way to see the conference than to roll out of bed, grab some breakfast and head downstairs!

If you haven’t signed up for the conference yet, but are planning to go – give the good folks at PHIUS a help with the expected headcount by signing up soon.   If you are unsure if you want to attend, be sure to check out the information on the PHIUS website.   The list of presenters is long and full of interesting people – there should be something for everyone.

I know I was quite excited to see the additional consultants workshops and had a hard time choosing between the all day multi-family one or attending the half day retrofit one and the half day THERM one.  I finally settled on the Multi-Family workshop and hope a fellow consultant who attends the other two will take good notes!

It should really be a great conference.  There is also an optional tour of some local projects on Sunday the 7th.  If you are going, sign up soon!  When you are there look me up and let me know what you think of the blog!