Existing Resources – Agog at the Blog!

This blog passed the 1,000 views mark today and I would like to thank everyone who continues to check in for updates on the Seattle Passive House Project.    They are delivering roof trusses this week and  I’ll update the blog shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, I bet you would be interested in the results of the “Name That House” poll.  Drumroll please………… Fred is winning at 3 votes!!! Seriously!  Of course there were several alternate names offered and here is where the votes have gone.

Fred – 3

Courtland Place Passive Palace – 2

Courtland Place Passive Project – 2

Seattle 1 – 1

The Passive Pride of Courtland Place-1

Foamhenge – 1

Seattle Green House Project – 1

Courtland Passive – 1

Courtland Passivhaus – 1

Thanks again for reading the blog – if you’ve been following along, but have not yet subscribed to get the updates emailed to you as they get posted, you can join by signing up on the right side of the page and responding to the confirmation email that gets sent to you.

Coming up – Raising the roof; What’s High Tech about Low Energy Use?; Semicolons – do I use them correctly or will my Grammarian write me out of the will?




6 responses to “Existing Resources – Agog at the Blog!

  1. I hereby change my vote to “foamhenge”

  2. I’m going for FoamHenge also.

    But I wonder… Dan’s using fiberglass insul. Is there going to be much foam? It would be ironic if there was not much foam in FoamHenge

    If he’s using fiberglass bats… perhaps I should vote for (drumroll….)

    The Bat Cave!


    • Holy Puny Puns – it’s the Punster!!! Biff… Pow…. Sock… Will Dan find a name for his house? Will the Punster get punished? Will I get a ride in that really cool batmobile? Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat chanell!

  3. Definitely, Foamhenge! Or maybe Felix’s Future…

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